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This document describes just about everything you need to know about using and setting up your secure email. The document will cover the following topics:

  • What’s Secure Email?
  • Email Types
  • Email Administration
  • Web Mail
  • Set Up Precursors
  • Expert Information
  • Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird,  and other email client Set Up

If you can’t locate the answer to an email problem, just use the search box on the top right corner of our web site to locate quick answers to common problems.

Notes for Email Users

If you are an Email User you will need access to the following information which should be provided to you by your Email Administrator:

  • Email User Name (this is almost always your main email address)
  • Email Password

What’s Secure Email?

The email system provided by NewPush accepts email under the secure Internet protocols SSL/TLS. This system is analogous to the lock you see in your browser when logging into online banking or eCommerce Web sites. When set up correctly any email your send within your domain remains secure and protected.

A typical email system transmits your emails over the Internet in an unsecured plain text format, which could be intercepted and read by a third party.  This interception is especially easy at airports, hotels, and public WiFi HotSpots that run unsecured internet connections.  Please also note that WEP encryption on WiFi take about 40 minutes to break with current laptop hardware, and WPA encryption can be broken as fast as 3.5 hours.

Email Types

NewPush gives you the choice on how you’d like to manage your email. If you do not know the difference between the two major types of email service available please take time now to determine which service will work best for you.


Email service using POP3 works best for persons who:

  • only use 1 PC,
  • typically don’t need to check email from multiple locations,
  • typically don’t need to have access to all past email when traveling.

POP3 email downloads from our secure email server to your PC if you are using Microsoft Outlook, Netscape or another program to check email on your PC. Unless requested once the email is downloaded it is deleted from the server and resides on your PC. You can make folders to store your emails in on your PC for easy filing and organization.


Email service using IMAP work best for persons who:

  • use more than 1 PC (example: laptop and desktop),
  • need to check email from multiple locations (example: home, office, Net cafe),
  • need access to all email from any location.

IMAP email resides on our secure email server and allows you to access all of your email, past and present, from any location. When you check email you are checking the email directly on the email server. When you create a folder, the folder is created on the email server. Because your email is always on the email server you can access any email at any time from any PC connected to the Internet.

Note: When logging the first time or to Web Mail you MUST select either IMAP or POP3 access. DO NOT switch between IMAP and POP3 once you’ve decided which system you will use for email. If you do want to switch you must delete your account from the Email Administration system and re-create it. Then log in using your choice of IMAP or POP3.

You can find out more about your email management and email administration capabilities from the help section of your control panel.

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