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How to change configuration in Mail app on Mac.

!This guide was made using "" as incoming/ougoing hostname, however in the meantime we merged into our server.
While as hostname works as well and you may see this hostname on some screenshots, we recommend to use as hostname instead of, as a long term reliable configuration!

Example username: Test Account
Example email address: [email protected]

1. Open Mail / Preferences


2. On the Main configuration page, make sure your Incoming Mail Server is:
If you can't change this field (eg. greyed out), please review (5.) point.


3. Make sure you have the right Incoming Settings, select Advanced tab.


3.1 On the advanced tab make sure you are using Port 993 and SSL.


4. Make sure you have the right Outgoing Settings. On the Account Information tab, click on your main mail server at the line of Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP), and select Edit SMTP Server List option.



4.1 Make sure your main mail server name is:


4.2 Select Advanced tab for more configuration details.


4.3. On the Advanced tab make sure you are using the right settings.
Port: 465
SSL: Turned on
Authentication: Password
Username and Password fields must be filled with your email address and corresponding password.


5. - only if you have problem with changing the incoming hostname field (see #2)

This is because the newer versions of Mail app are normally detecting the right configuration automatically. But if you have to change Incoming Server field, you must disable "Automatically detect and maintain account settings" on the basic configuration page, Advanced tab. Save your settings and reopen Preferences to edit Incoming Server.


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