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!This guide was made using "" as incoming/ougoing hostname, however in the meantime we merged into our server.
While as hostname works as well and you may see this hostname on some screenshots, we recommend to use as hostname instead of, as a long term reliable configuration!

If you have an account that is set up with IMAP (called 'Testing account' here with address [email protected]), you can change the settings with the following method:

1. Go to 'Options'


2. Go to 'Mail Setup' tab and click on 'E-mail Accounts...'


3. Select your account (for this example Testing) and click on Change


4. Check the configuration (Please note I'm using [email protected] for testing).


PORT config

5. after making sure you have the same settings, click on the 'More Settings'

On the new window go to Advanced tab, and check if your settings are the same. Choose one of the port settings below (5.1 is the recommended)


5.1 Secure SSL Enabled (Recommended)


5.2 Optional/Not recommended. Non-SSL Settings (Not recommended)


Outgoing server (SMTP) authentication

 6. Outgoing server authentication must be enabled. The login details will be your email address and your password.
On the More Settings panel, Outgoing Server tab, use „My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication”, with „Use same settings as my incoming mail server”


After it is completed, you should 'Ok' and 'Next' -> 'Finish' the editing.

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