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cPanel users can set up their email boxes automatically for almost any tpye of email client. This guide describes how.

First, please use the section below that is relevant to your email client:

I. If you are using: MS Outlook 2007, MS Outlook 2010, Mozzilla Thunderbird, Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks), KDE Mail, Postbox

1) Make sure to backup your computer before you remove your email account from your Email Client (eg.: Outlook, iOS Mail, Mac OSX Mail etc.).
2) Make sure you know your password before you go to the next step.
3) Test your password by going to (if you try the wrong password more than 3 times, you will lock yourself out of your hosting account, and you will need to open a support ticket at after getting your IP address at so that we can quickly remove the block).
4) Test your backups to make sure your emails are saved (if you use an IMAP account, we save your emails and back them up for you).
5) Remove the account if it already exists.
6) Add your email account as a new email account, AutoConfig/AutoDiscovery will handle the setup.

II. If you are using: Mac OS X Mail app (Before Mavericks), Windows Live Mail, MS Outlook 2000, MS Outlook Express

1) Make sure you are executing the steps below on the device where you would setup the email account.

2) Make sure to remove your email account from the Email Client you are using (eg.: Outlook, iOS Mail, Mac OSX Mail etc.) before the setup if it's already existing on your system. This will only remove the email account from your local device. !Make sure you know your password before you remove your account by trying to login with step 3.!

3) Login to with your email account as username and your password.

4) On the new window click on the "Configure Mail Client" option.

5) Select the "IMAP over SSL/TLS" on the line of the application you are using, then follow the instructions.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us on [email protected].

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