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Creating/Modifying mailbox on cPanel:

First of all you should log on to your Client Area.

Arriving at the Client Area choose My Services at the top of the page. Now you can see cPanel accounts belonging to your domain. Choose the suitable domain and click on the little green arrow to the right.

Now you can see Product Details. 
Scroll down the page and click Login to cPanel. Now you are on the domain's cPanel.

Here on cPanel you can manage the old/new email accounts in the Mail section by clicking Email Accounts.

At the top of this new page write the email account name before the @, then generate a new password by clicking the Password Generator ( first you should clickAdvanced Options then set "Non Alpha Characters" to "Numbers"in the middle).

Generate the password by clicking Generate Password. After copying it in a safe place tick "I have copied this password in a safe place" and „Use" the password.

When the password is ready it's worth setting the Mailbox Quota Unlimited.

Finally click Create Account and the new mail account is ready.

It is important to copy the password.

You can change password/quota of the listed mail accounts by clicking Change Password / Quota.

How to find passwords:

- cPanel password: It can be found in the Clients Profil, Products/Services section. Here you can change between the domains, and besides other data you can find the cPanel username/password, too.


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