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Email filtering is a great tool to automatically trash or mark certain emails as spam or to put certain emails into personal folders.
Setting up a mail filter
1) Setup a folder or folders for saving the emails (e.g. Spam, Newsletters, Job, etc).
2) Right-click on the email you want to move to a special folder
3) Click Rules > Create Rule
4) In the Create Rule box you can select one or more conditions by checking the boxes. Here you can filter the email by sender address (or distribution list), subject and/or recipient. You can also set a sound alert or a desktop New Item Alert for the incoming mail. 
To move the email to a specific folder, mark Move the item to folder. Click on the Select folder button to select the folder or click on New for a new one.

5) Click on OK to confirm the new rule. All emails satisfying the new rule will get moved automatically to the folder from now.

If you instantly want to run the rule, check Run this rule now on messages already in the current folder.


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