New Available Build Notification (86418)

  • Tuesday, 14th July, 2015
  • 19:33pm

This is our spam / virus filter update for customers on the mx1 / filtering cluster. The information is brought to you by our vendor, SpamExperts.

What's new this week:

 Disabling real-time searching in archiving

One of the features of our archiving product is that you can search for messages, including within the message body and various types of attachments (e.g. PDFs, Office documents, and images that contain text).  This is a powerful feature, but it does require considerable resources on your cluster - both in terms of disk space to store the indexes, and the processing, memory, and disk throughput resources required to maintain the indexes.  If you are using archiving to keep a long-term copy of messages (e.g. for compliance), you may not actually be using the searching very often - perhaps only every few weeks or months, but you are consuming resources on your cluster continuously to be able to search.

We now have a solution for this - if you go to the “Server Settings” page in the web interface, you’ll see a new option to "Permit disabling real-time archive searching”.  If you activate this, when you go to the “Archive Settings” page for a domain, you’ll see a new "Real-time search toggle” section.  In this section, you can disable the real-time searching, which means that the cluster will no longer spend resources maintaining the search index for that domain.  When you want to do a search, you’ll see a new option on the archive search page that allows you to build an on-demand index.  You can specify the period that you wish to have the index cover (e.g. maybe you know that you are only interested in a particular week, or maybe you want to search everything you have), and how long you want the index to be available (e.g. maybe you will just use it that day, or maybe you want to be able to search for the next few days).

It will usually take less than a minute to build the index (exactly how long will depend on how many messages there are, how many days you’re including in the index, and how fast your archiving storage is).  Once it’s done, you can search just as you did before.  You can switch a domain back to real-time searching at any time (and this will trigger a refresh of the index so that everything is back to normal).

This option won’t suit everyone, but we do expect that for some of you, this will be a much more suitable method of using the archiving product.  For everyone else, we do have some great improvements in the searching performance coming soon!


Filtering (services):

  • · Two new API methods are available, `api_set_blocked_tld`, `api_get_blocked_tld`, that enable blocking messages based on senders TLD (#19529)
  • · It's now possible to set a per-day limit on outgoing users via Software API (#13509)
  • · Two new API methods are available exposing a history of outgoing user locking and unlocking: `api_find_outgoing_user_locking`, `api_count_outgoing_user_locking` (#8633)

Front-end / GUI:

  • · Resolved issue with Admins not being able to access the domain Add and Overview pages (#24559)
  • · The Delivery Queue page Headers are now Bold formatted (#24541)
  • · Resolved issue with not being able to set a value of `0` to the Per Hour Limit in the Edit Outgoing User page (#24529)
  • · Resolved Pop-up menu issues on narrow screens (#24547)
  • · Resolved issue with Nginx blocking Super-Admin because of IP restrictions (#24573)
  • · Resolved issue with Main Panel content not being visible when moving from Overview page to the Add Domain page (#24111)
  • · You can now see the progress when transferring domains (#14131)
  • · The long email subject will now be truncated in the Spam Quarantine pages (#22515)
  • · It is now possible to download badly formatted messages from the Spam Quarantine (#22478)
  • · Resolved issue with `Restore Permissions` to default value not working (#24572)
  • · Resolved issue with filtering Domains by multiple criteria in Overview page (#24586)
  • · Resolved issue with Spam Report using template from different domain (#24570)
  • · Resolved issue with `api_update_incoming_message_status` not updating the status correctly after removing a message from the quarantine (#24532)
  • · Renamed `Submit Index` button in Search Page when real-time indexing is disabled (#24618)
  • · Updated the Password policies text (#24564)
  • · Added help information for `Number of days available` in the Log Search when Real Time search is disabled (#24617)
  • · Updated the `Real-Time` search label in Archive Search (#24615)

Plugins & Integration tools:

  • · cPanel: Resolved issue with cPanel sending double forward slashes `//` to SpamPanel API (#23263)
  • · cPanel: Resolved issue with SpamExperts being available to resellers even if the `Enable Addon in cPanel for reseller accounts` is disabled (#24546)
  • · Plesk: Resolved issue with Plesk sending double forward slashes `//` to SpamPanel API (#23263)
  • · Plesk: Resolved issue with receiving `Output from your job 48` messages when adding a domain (#24527)
  • · Plesk: Resolved issue with: `Cannot use string offset as an array error` after installing Plesk Addon (#24602)
  • · Plesk: Resolved issue with the corrupted icons in the List Domains section (#24519)
  • · Plesk: Resolved issue with SpamExperts being available to resellers even if the `Enable Addon in Plesk for reseller accounts` is disabled (#24546)


 For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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