New Available Build Notification (87545)

  • Tuesday, 28th July, 2015
  • 16:59pm

This is our spam / virus filter update for customers on the mx1 / filtering cluster. The information is brought to you by our vendor, SpamExperts.


 What's new this week:


Address Aliasing / Rewriting

We offer four types of address aliasing or rewriting in the incoming filter product.  With this update, we’ve brought configuration of two more into the web interface, so that you can manage these more easily.

Whole domain aliasing: this will rewrite any addresses at one domain to be the same address at another domain.  For example, mail to [email protected][email protected], and [email protected] will be changed to[email protected][email protected], and[email protected] if you set up as an alias  You can do this in the web interface in the “Domain Aliases” page.

Single address aliasing: this will rewrite a specific email address to be another address at the same domain.  For example, if you set up [email protected] to be an alias for[email protected], when mail arrives addressed to[email protected] it will be delivered to[email protected].  To use this, go to the new “Email address aliases” page in the web interface.

Catch-all aliasing: this will rewrite any address at a domain to one specific address at that domain.  For example, if you set this up for, to have mail go to[email protected], then mail to [email protected],[email protected], and [email protected] will all be delivered to [email protected].  To use this, go to the new “Email address aliases” page in the web interface and use “*” as the local part of the email address.

Cross-domain aliasing: this allows you to rewrite an address at one domain to an address at another domain.  For example, you might have [email protected] as an alias for [email protected], and any mail that arrives addressed to [email protected] would be delivered to[email protected].  This is not currently exposed via the web interface, but can be used directly from the API.

The daily/weekly protection reports will always be generated for the final delivery address, so any messages send to the aliases will automatically be included in the delivery address report. Therefore users that were receiving multiple protection reports as they had different addresses, can now easily combine those into one.


Filtering (services):

  • It is now possible to blacklist outgoing senders with a series of new software API methods: `api_blacklist_outgoing_sender`, `api_unblacklist_outgoing_sender`, `api_get_outgoing_sender_blacklist`, `api_set_outgoing_sender_blacklist` (86452)
  • Resolved issue with local part characters regex containing a colon (#24743)
  • When browsing the quarantine as a domain user using an IMAP client, you are now able to see and manage messages for all email users for that domain that have the local part quarantine enabled (#22075)

Front-end / GUI:

  • Resolved issue with auto-suggest domains being empty when trying to move from one domain dashboard to another (#24638)
  • The Local Part Aliases are now also shown in the Control Panel (#19878)
  • The user is now notified when a message is removed from the Outgoing / Incoming Delivery Queue by using the option `Delete and notify user` (#20982)
  • Adjusted text for the Archive Search page (#21415)
  • Improved performance when using `Bulk Domain Removal` (#24704)
  • Resolved issue with Control Panel API `domainalias/list/domain//` returning incorrect results (#24760)
  • Resolved issue with the Protection Report template being reset when Unbinding a domain (#24833)
  • Resolved issue with the Log Search section returning the error `Error Occurred` and not returning to the Log Search (#24806)
  • Resolved issue with suggested MX records not working for non-ASCII domains (#24812)
  • Resolved issue with `/api/admin/unbinddomains/` unbinding all domains when an Admin only uses it for one domain (#24847)
  • Resolved issue with `api/admin/unbinddomains/` wrongly triggering an error message when used by a Super-Admin (#24846)
  • Resolved issue with API user's password length (#24801)
  • Resolved issue with removing allowed API methods for an API user if that option was previously activated (#24799)
  • It is now possible for Admins and Domain Users to set the recipients which will have their messages archived (#23483)
  • Resolved issue with Route Ports being wrongly updated when the Destination(s) (Overview) are changed (#24894)
  • We have now added the Control Panel API `/api/domain/addlocalrecipient/domain/` which allows you to add Local Recipients (#22004)

Plugins & Integration tools:

  • No new updates this week


 For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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